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Eric Church

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The given name Eric, Erik, or Erick is derived from the Old Norse name Eiríkr (or Eríkr in Eastern Old Norse due to monophthongization). The first element, ei- is derived either from the older Proto-Norse *aina(z), meaning "one, alone, unique", as in the form Æinrikr explicitly, or from *aiwa(z) "everlasting, eternity". The second element -ríkr stems either from *ríks "king, ruler" (cf. Gothic reiks) or from the therefrom derived *ríkijaz "kingly, powerful, rich, prince". The name is thus usually taken to mean "sole ruler, autocrat" or "eternal ruler, ever powerful".The most common spelling in Scandinavia and the Netherlands is Erik. In Norway, another form of the name (which has kept the Old Norse diphthong) Eirik is also commonly used. In Finland, the form Erkki is also used. The modern Icelandic version is Eiríkur, while the modern Faroese version is Eirikur. Éric [eʁik] is used in French, and in Germany Eric, Erik and Erich are used.Although the name was in use in Anglo-Saxon England, its use was reinforced by Scandinavian settlers arriving before the Norman conquest of England. It was an uncommon name in England until the Middle Ages, when it gained popularity, and finally became a common name in the 19th century. This was partly because of the publishing of the novel Eric, or, Little by Little by Frederic Farrar in 1858. In Norway, Sweden and Finland, the name day for Erik and Eirik is 18 May, commemorating the death of Saint Eric IX of Sweden. The feminine derivative is Erica or Erika.

  1. Eric Church - Desperate Man (Official Music Video) Mp3
  2. Duration: 4:26

  3. Eric Church - Record Year Mp3
  4. Duration: 3:12

  5. Eric Church - Springsteen Mp3
  6. Duration: 4:52

  7. Eric Church - Talladega Mp3
  8. Duration: 4:40

  9. Eric Church - Thats Damn Rock n Roll ft Lzzy Hale Mp3
  10. Duration: 4:13

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